Why "our" Raw is Best?

We feed a “prey-model” raw diet and that consists of 80% muscle meat, 10% bone (no weight-bearing bones), 5% liver and 5% secreting organs. Our premium-quality raw food is fit for human consumption as it’s sourced, delivered and processed within 24 hours. It is then vacuum packed for maximum freshness and longer shelf-life. We recommend a minimum of 4 proteins a week to provide your dog with the vital nutrients and minerals they require, simply feeding two cheap proteins is not healthy or advisable.

Our raw food does not contain any vegetables or fruit as it has been scientifically proven that dog’s do not require them, as for in the wild they would never dig up carrots for example as they are carnivores not herbivores. Your pups can’t digest carbohydrates safely (more info in our FAQ’s). The only time a dog would eat vegetables and fruit is from the prey’s stomach and very rarely would you find broccoli, carrots, parsnips, etc. in there. It’s also worth pointing out; most nutrients that are found in fruit and vegetables are also found in animal organs.

Our raw complete pet food is minced down and mixed by hand. We also like to keep liver and secreting organs whole, as we found some dogs can be fussy and these items may need to be hand fed to encourage your dog to eat them to begin with. Our bone content also comes whole, this is to help with pearly white teeth also cutting out those unnecessary “denta sticks” whilst making the dogs experience more enjoyable.

The raw diet is best for several reasons; to help you understand why we have to be crude: When you shop for kibble or cooked tinned food and feed this to your dog, you will notice that their stool is sloppy and/or very big, whereas when you use raw foods in their diet the result is the mirror opposite. Meaning, instead of your dog filtering out kibble and tinned food what it’s body does and does not need (big stool), with a raw diet their stools are tiny in comparison because their bodies are absorbing all the minerals and nutrients that they ingest.

Positives of feeding raw:

Aggression and behavioural issue can also be linked to a poor diet. So, switching your dog to our premium raw could substantially improve your dog’s behavioural issues such as:

Now that you now a bit more about why our raw dog food is best, click the red button below to tell us about your dog and let us devise a raw dog food diet that suits them.

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