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Okay so you may or may not have heard about the Netflix documentary, "Pet Fooled", that’s where our story begins. Like you, we fed our dogs a high end kibble and or a high end wet food diet, our dogs were in truth okay with this but we were not, are you aware that any wet food you purchase for your dog will most likely be up to 3 weeks out of date and will be broiled for a minimum of 36 hours to kill off all dangerous bacteria to ensure that your dog will not be ill as a direct result of eating. Now we don’t know about you, but this was very hard for us to swallow, like you, our dogs are our children and we all feel the same way, don’t we? So, we decided to start our dogs on the raw diet and see what happened, will it be better, will it be worse for them? Will it be more expensive will it make a difference? Well, let us tell you a little story if you have the time.

Maika is a newfoundland crossed with a Labrador, my business partner Dan’s beloved dog Olaf was overweight by 7 kilos weighing in at a big 35 kilos of fluff, when her ideal weight as recommended by his vet was 28 kilos plus or minus a kilo, she was lethargic, lazy, gluttonous, her stools were massive and she was on the road to an early end in all honesty. We have both had dogs like Maika that suffer from arthritis in the rear end, so something had to be done. We will get back to Maika in just a second, but first of all at this same time my two huskies I had just switched onto raw diet we do mushing and a lot of walking each day and I wanted to make sure my dogs were getting the required diet for the required amount of exercise. Now Olaf was very welcoming to eating his pre-made raw diet bought from a pet shop but Yogi not so much. So, my dilemma was how to encourage her to eat her food, I tried hand feeding her the raw pre-made food to no avail. At this point I decided I would try and make my own raw dog food which entailed many hours of research and development, trying to find the perfect balance of bone content and also a way to get my fussy huskies to eat their offal and their secreting organs. What I came up with was this diet and we decided we would use Maika as a guinea pig (so to speak).

So back to Maika, before starting her on this raw food diet her vet strongly recommended Science plan weight loss kibble diet as all other diets did not help. After 4 years of following this recommended diet she had still not been able to lose the required amount of weight or any weight for that matter. After 6 months of being on the raw diet, she has now lost a massive 7 kilos, she is no longer lethargic (giving the huskies a run for their money), her coat is glossy her teeth are almost pearly white, her stools are much smaller and her demeanour has improved 100%. Now we have to be clear here, her weight loss in no way is down to solely the amount of exercise she has done as her daily routines give her the same amount of exercise, meaning the only change in her life is the diet she is currently following.

We feel it’s our obligation as dog lovers to share the love and to essentially help your dog like we have helped Maika, to improve the quality and longevity of their life. For the scientific knowledge please see:

Why raw is best

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