PAW RAW - Dog Food

Thinking of switching your dog to a raw diet? We got you covered. Simply click “New to raw or transitioning” above and fill in the required information and we will tailor make a diet to fit your dog’s needs perfectly.

New to raw or transitioning

If you’re wanting to transition your dog to the raw diet, unfortunately until week four you’re unable to order directly from our shop. The reason behind this is that there is a transitioning period that your dog must go through, and we will help provide a step by step meal plan.

Why Raw?

When you feed your dog the raw diet to begin with, we must adjust the pH in your dog’s stomach to allow it to safely digest bone content. So, by clicking “New to raw”, we will provide you with daily meals for your dog which will alter as the month goes on, ending in a balanced diet at which point you will be able to choose from our 7 different protein packs. All we need from you is to fill in a quick questionnaire providing us with your dog’s weight, any known allergies/dislikes and we’ll get you’re pup up a running.


One of the inspirations of PAW raw dog food